2015 Fourth Sunday in Advent

fourth week in Advent


This final week in Advent focuses on love. The highlight of the week is December 25-the day set aside by many Christians to acknowledge and honor the birth of Jesus Christ-Messiah and God’s great gift to the world (Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th).

The week is marked by heightened anticipation and excitement about the celebrations that Christians will engage in on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Traditionally, both days are celebrated by offering  prayers of praise and thanksgiving; singing Christmas carols, gift giving, Scripture reading and/or reenacting  the Christmas story, and fellowshipping with family, friends and other Believers.

The Holiday is intended to be a shared experience and every activity, including buying and exchanging gifts and sending Christmas cards, should point to God’s great sacrificial love as manifested in the birth, death and resurrection of our beloved Savior- Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Exchanging  Christmas cards and gifts are expressions of love. Of course, the birth of Christ represents the ultimate act of love in that God Himself became flesh and modeled how we humans ought to live in fellowship with the Creator and in relationship with each other.

Merry Christmas!

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