All Lives Matter, Each Life Matters, Every Live Matters: Randolph Holder- more than a NYPD Blue Suit

NYPD Officer Randolph Holder
NYPD Officer Randolph Holder

The brutal assassination of NYPD officer Randolph Holder by a deranged, but not insane, gunman is a great tragedy and an atrocity against humanity. Many, myself included, are deeply saddened and outraged by his murder. There is absolutely no justification for nor rationale that explains or excuses the cowardly, senseless and heartless taking of Officer Holder’s life.

Randolph Holder’s death is not tragic simply because he was a NYPD officer whose life was snuffed out while he was performing his duty. The circumstances of Officer Holder’s death, at least for me, would be just as grievous if Randolph Holder had been an innocent bystander or a store clerk instead of a first responder.  Officer Holder’s death is tragic because his life was inherently meaningful since he was created by and in the image of God and his life should not have been viciously snatched away.

Unfortunately, some will use the killing of Officer Holder to advance their political agendas. For some, the homicide will fuel cries for stiffer gun laws. Others will highlight Officer Holder’s death as an example of why stop-and-frisk laws need reinstatement. Sadly, the perpetrator of Officer Holder’s death is a vicious killer who was determined to do evil. Neither stiffer gun legislation nor the stop-and-frisk law would have prevented him from doing his dastardly deed.

May God have mercy upon Officer Holder’s family, friends, and co-workers.  May the Spirit of the only true, wise, and living God comfort and console all those genuinely adversely affected by Randolph Holder’s sudden and immeasurable sad death.

(During a recent news conference, a wise police officer said he would not mention the name of the perpetrator of a horrific crime that was committed in the police officer’s jurisdiction. That perpetrator’s actions resulted in death and destruction. I am following that officer’s lead by not naming Officer Holder’s alleged killer.)