Dick Gregory: the passing of a legend and a prophetic voice

I have read and received the news of Dick Gregory’s passing with sadness. His presence will be greatly missed and his absence from the world of social activism deeply felt.

To his credit, he has left an indelible mark in history. Dick Gregory made the world a little bit better by trying to do good. He was a force to reckon with because he exercised good stewardship over the gift of superior wit that he received from the Creator. He honed that gift and used it to try and improve the quality of life for others. He did so in part by raising consciousness about the need for social justice, including equality.
What a wonderful way to live: to influence the world for good!

My hope is Mr. Gregory realized the positive impact he had on many.

God rest his soul and comfort all those who love him.

Peaceful Protestors – living banners for unity and justice for all

Thank God for people of goodwill who exercise the courage to stand against injustice and intolerance! Such people are, I am convinced, the backbone of civilization. They have, do, and will continue to exist for as long as humanity occupies this planet.

Contemporary, peaceful protestors like those in Chralotesville, Virginia, Boston, Massachusettes, and other places present a counter vocie to bigoty, bullying, hatred, and oppression. They stand in the shoes of America’s Freedom Riders (civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States in 1961 and following years to challenge the non-enforcement of the United States Supreme Court decisions which ruled that segregated public buses were unconstitutional.) They also tread the trail of the abolitionist, people who worked to end the African and Indian slave  trade and to set slaves free.

Hooray for peaceful protestors, they are walking banners for unity and justice for all!