Pro-choice and Proud

Antiabortion rhetoric bothers me because most of those opposed to abortion show little concern for the well-being of children born with life-threatening illnesses or those children living in neglectful circumstances.  Very few antiabortionists adopt HIV positive children unless they can beat their prideful chests and boast about their charity and big hearts. Few antiabortionists have given more than a few thousand dollars, during the   antiabortionists’ lifetime, to directly improve the quality of life for those unborn children the antiabortionists claim to care so much about before the children are born.

Abortion, gossip mongering, and rumor-spreading all kill. The former, abortion, causes the cessation of physical life. The latter two crush spirits, kill reputations and destroy an individuals’ ability to live in harmony and to make a living.

For the record, I am heterosexual and have never been pregnant. My passionate pro-choice stand stems from a deep concern for the rights of all women to do what they want with their bodies. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is between a woman and God, not between a pregnant woman and the rest of society.

Those who are genuinely concerned about unborn children should pray for neglectful parents, male and female, to stop procreating; but they should not interfere with a woman’s right to choose to terminate her pregnancy!!!




One thought on “Pro-choice and Proud

  1. I agree, I think that abortion is up to the female who has to give birth to it. Most people who are anti-abortion never adopt a child, they never do anything to help the children.

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