2017 Birthday Reflections: Day 7

Seven Things for Which I Am Most Grateful

1.  God’s affirming love – unconditional and unwarranted concern and nurturing

2. God’s amazing grace –  unmerited  favor and forgiveness

3. Salvation – delivered from the power and consequences of sin

4. Redemption – given a completely new life and a new way of experiencing life

5. Revival – restored to wholeness – a healthy heart

6. The Holy Spirit – Comforter, Encourager, and Teacher

7. Jesus Christ – Creator, Reconciler, Redeemer, and Sustainer of Life

2017 Birthday Reflections: Day 4

I am grateful for…


1. abolitionist, they sacrifice their own wellbeing to secure freedom for others

2.  activist and advocates, they work for the common good 

3. encouragers and inspirers, they provide relief by lifting people’s spirits

5. generous and gracious people, they show mercy and make life more pleasant 

6. the kind-hearted, they nurture love and make rough paces easier to bear

7. the peacemakers, they make things better by interrupting chaos

2017 Birthday Week Reflections: Day 2

I am Grateful for…

1. Being at peace with the Creator

2. Being at peace with myself

3. Being at peace with those who I love and who love me

4. Enjoying the freedoms of living in a  relatively peaceful  environment

5. Having peace in my home

6. The freedom to pursue peace

7. Recognizing and savoring each season of peace





Birthday Reflections

I usually spend the two or three weeks immediately preceding my birthday to: reminiscence and romanticize the past; cautiously assess the present, and prayerfully plan for the future.   

This year’s birthday reflections are a little different. So far, I have spent most of the time wondering how this stage of my life will differ significantly (other than being affected by those things that come naturally with age) from the first two stages. 

The musings about my future evoked the following questions.

  • What specific steps will I take to make wherever I am better?
  • In what new ways will I exercise stewardship?
  • What do I want to change about myself, and how will I make those changes?
  • How will I practice doing no harm (doing good is relatively easy)?
  • Which relationships will I cultivate; which will I bury?
  • For what things am I most grateful?

My response to the last reflection question is noted below, and that question is the impetus for the next six posts.

Day 1 of Seven Days of Announcing Seven things for which I am Most Grateful

1.  A nurturing and loving relationship with the Creator

2.  Forgiven and free to forgive

3.  Peace that surpasses understanding

4.  Experiencing a reasonable portion of good health and strength

5.  Living life on my terms: still creating and moving forward and up

6.  Doing things that make me happy, without hurting others

7.  Thankful for finding pleasure in little things