Bully in Chief or President of the United States

If the news report is accurate that “Donald Trump required staff to sign nondisclosure agreements that last past his presidency,” such an agreement is unconscionable. Donald Trump is a public figure, supposedly taking care of the business of the American people. He is to serve the common good – for all Americans – his staff and cabinet members are to facilitate him in caring out his responsibilities.

Someone, anyone, please inform this man of his public responsibility. Most of us are not concerned about Trump’s marital indiscretions. However, we do care that he seems to be using the Presidency to destroy democracy; divide the country; and to terrorize other citizens.

Donald Trump’s leadership style illustrates how tyrants are created. A person with  political and military might uses that power to attack perceived opponents. Good people and people of goodwill watch injustices and brutality take place. They watch the weak – those lacking political and social power – humiliated and their personal and professional reputations besmirched.  They observe the weak systematically beat down emotionally, financially, and professionally until they are destroyed or rescued.

Tyrants are bullies with a lot of power. They are no different than schoolyard bullies, cyber bullies, or physically fit men who terrorize women, the elderly and children. Nobody respects a bully, and I fear many have lost respect for Donald J. Trump. Some think of him as Bully In Chief, not president!

God, please help us individually and save America and our democracy!

10 Tips for Wholesome Living

1.      Do the right things for the right reasons. Trust God for a just outcome.

2.      Live the Golden Rule- “Treat others exactly the way you want God to treat you.”

3.      Sow seeds of encouragement, grace, and hope.

4.      Demonstrate respect for everyone.

5.      Give and receive generously.

6.      Affirm that which is good and just.

7.      Focus on developing spiritually.

8.      Seek to impress only God.

9.      Have faith in God – “The just shall live by faith not by sight.”

10.   Pray constantly and about everything.