Shame on Donald Trump!

Donald Trump’s characterization of professional athletes as S.O. B.s for kneeling and praying for justice for all during the playing of the national anthem at sporting events is indefensible and reprehensible. The President’s comments were disrespectful and they encouraged and incited divisiveness.
It is almost inconceivable that the elected leader of a democracy sought to denigrate citizens for peacefully exercising their constitutional right to free speech, by referring to the athletes’ parents as “bitches.” It is equally unimaginable that thoughtful Americans would cheer the President as he shamelessly insulted private productive citizens.

Unfortunately, that is what happened. Some members in the crowd cheered heartily in response to the President’s lewd characterization of athletes and their parents. Two frightening and tragic images came to mind as I listened to the crowd erupt in cheers.

First, I thought of what it must have been like during the age of the gladiators – mad crowds cheering wildly to encourage atrocities against other people. And more recently, angry, unruly mobs frenzied about witnessing public executions.
Shame on Donald Trump, one of the most influential people in the world, for abusing the power of his office to bully everyday citizens, and to inspire disunity among Americans -the people he is supposed to represent. In Alabama, Mr. Trump did not behave presidentially! He showed no concern for the common good.


Ways to Stay in Love with God

Several years ago I read Three Simple Rules: A Wesleyan Way of Living. The small but compelling book was written  by the late United Methodist Bishop Rueben P. Job.  Ever since my  initial reading, the book’s theme: “stay in love with God, do good, do no harm,” has tugged at my spirit.  In fact, over the years I  have frequently found myself thinking about it, reciting it to myself, trying to apply it to my life, and sharing it with others. Two questions that arose from those contemplations, and the answers, are noted below.

The Questions

How does one stay in love with God?

How is that love manifested?

The Response –   

  1. Get to know God intimately through Scripture.
  2. Put God first.
  3. Look for ways to please God daily.
  4. Memorize verses of Scripture for personal spiritual growth.
  5. Meditate on Scripture day and night.
  6. Practice godly living.
  7. Pray always and about everything.
  8. Praise God!
  9. Have faith in God!
  10. Worship God (Worship stems from and takes place in the heart.)