Are Cable Companies in Trouble?

Cable companies charge too much and offer limited programs. They have lost most younger viewers to Netflix, and now they are on the verge of losing baby boomers.

Until recently, I was a baby boomer addicted to cable television.  The television in my bedroom played all day and night, even when I wasn’t watching it. That changed after I picked up the remote and began exploring the APPS on my television.

Initially, it was the joy of seeing and hearing Youtube on a big screen that drew me away from cable. I spent hours relaxing while listening to the Audio Bible unfiltered and listening to a wide range of Gospel music. I even listened to old time radio shows like Nightbeat, Dragnet, Johnny Dollar, and Have Gun Will Travel. I was like a kid turned loose in a candy store.

Then I branched out and tried Netflix (not Netflix originals) followed by Amazon Prime. I was amazed by the BBC content offered by these two services. Once I started watching, I knew my television viewing habits were forever changed. Between the three services, Amazon Prime T.V,  Netflix, and Youtube there is a wealth of good programming. Also, the cost of all three services is cheaper than what I pay for cable.

Cable companies are good at providing news coverage, but their prices are too high and the variety of programming they offer is limited. If cable companies are to survive, they must lower prices and expand the kind of programs they offer. Cable television is going the way of landline telephone service – out of step with the times.

Following is a list of the shows that had me temporarily spellbound.

  • Scott & Baily – This series has a female-led cast with dynamic characters and interesting and believable storylines. The series explores complicated family, workplace, and other intimate relationships. It shows women in the workplace supporting each other and it also highlights sexism in the workplace.
  • Doctor Foster– Female characters struggle with relationships. Nothing unusual, aging wife struggles with moving forward after the breakup of her marriage. The plot also explores the complexity of divorce when young children live at home and it amplifies the theme that divorce can adversely affect one professionally as well as emotionally. Good acting makes this show worth watching.
  • Father Brown– ENTERTAINING and interesting!!!! An eclectic bunch of main and recurring characters and their interconnectedness to each other make this show worth watching. Touches on and in some instances explore a wide range of social issues – immigration, racism, domestic violence, religion, classism, and infidelity are some of the issues this thought-provoking show addresses.
  • DCI Banks – Interesting
  • Kavanaugh QC– Binge watch well-developed characters and believable plots
  • Miss Frasier’s Murder Mysteries- The lead character is a strong, independent, compassionate woman who uses both her mind and sexuality to get what she wants. The setting, 1920s Australia, and main character make this series interesting and fun.
  • Unforgotten– Worth watching detective show.
  • Midsomer Murders – Good detective show
  • House of Cards – Unscrupulous politicians, their spouses, and ambitious reporters do anything to get what they want. This show is plot and character driven.
  • Mad Men – Shows there was a time when advertising influenced the markets and changed people’s lives. This show is character and setting driven.

Sunday Night Thoughts

1. Anyone can excel when conditions are favorable, especially if they get a helping hand. Only those anointed by God thrive in adverse circumstances.
2. In a race, neither the fastest, the smartest, nor the strongest is guaranteed victory.  Sometimes the race is won by the one who perseveres in spite of adversity.
3. Do the right things for the right reasons, even when it is not popular or desirable to do so.
4.  Take courage in knowing God has equipped and empowered you to overcome every hurdle.  Dig deep, push hard, and watch God work.
5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not depend on your understanding.
6. Pray continuously about everything.
7. Do Not deliberately cause pain!!
8. Give thanks in every situation and look for the silver lining. Once found, hold tight and remain fixated until another one appears.
9. Stay encouraged and don’t stop doing good. Remember, people look at the outward appearance, but God sees the thoughts and intentions of a person.
10. God’s timing isn’t the same as ours. Have faith and seek God’s perfect will.