One Woman’s Response to Another National Tragedy

A little over two months have passed since the tragic killing of Mr. Tyre Nichols by five Memphis, Tennessee police officers on January 7, 2023, and Bloody Sunday, March 7, was commemorated less than two weeks ago. So, now seems an apt time to add my thoughts to the conversations about Mr. Nichols’ murder.

The barbarity of the crime, Mr. Nichols – one unarmed man, brutality beaten and mocked by five firearms-toting police officers, paid, and sworn to protect Mr. Nichols’ rights, demonstrated a wanton disregard for Mr. Nichol’s civil and human rights. The offense also gave the public another glimpse into the atrocities that can, and often, occur when an individual or group is given unfettered power.

The firing and subsequent charging of the officers involved in killing Mr. Nichols offer hope that the murderers will be convicted in a court of law, not just in the court of public opinion. Admittedly, the former police officers’ convictions will not bring Mr. Nichols back to life, compensate for his loss of life, or eradicate the profound grief his loved ones must endure.  

However, holding the officers accountable by convicting them of murdering Mr. Nichols may bring a small measure of comfort to those who love Mr. Nichols and restore public trust in the notion that justice is blind and every life matters.

God bless Tyre Nichols’ loved ones and help humanity to behave more humanely.

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