Ramadan Greetings

To Muslims Worldwide,

Peace and prosperity!

I am a baptized, born again, Bible-thumping, Holy Ghost believing Christian. I don’t know the appropriate greeting for Ramadan, so, on the eve of Ramadan 2019, I offer my prayer for peace and prosperity to Muslims.

May the Spirit of the only authentic, wise, and living God abide with all God’s people wherever they are.

God is good and great all the time and because God is omnipotent and omnipresent, God’s people exist in every nation and speak every language. It is love for God and the desire to do good and be at peace with all people that sets God’s people apart from others.

We Christians do not celebrate Lent we observe the period, I’m assuming the same holds for Muslims observing Ramadan. Therefore, I bid Muslims peace!

Your Christian Friend

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