For Those Adversely Affected by War

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden, we pray that You will comfort and deliver the innocent and convict the  conscience of the perpetrators of violence.

Help those living in and near war-torn countries. Our human limitations hinder us from personally bringing about immediate relief for them. So we ask you to intercede.

We pray for the children who long to play outdoors but can’t because of the dangers of war.

We pray for the children who see sparks from ammunition and huddle in fear instead of gleefully rejoicing at watching a planned fireworks display.

We pray for the children who long to go to school to mingle with classmates and to learn, but can’t because of the destruction caused by war.

We pray for relief for them from the shortages of clean drinking water and food; the lack of indoor plumbing and lack of electricity;  dismantled transportation systems, and a collapsed economy; men are without meaningful work.

We pray for them because of the losses that are consequences of war: loss of life, loss of liberty, loss of peace, in some cases, the loss of hope.

We pray for the people whose lifestyles are completely disrupted and forever changed for the worse by war.

God, in Your mercy, hear our prayers and help Your creation.

Deliver us all from evil.

Remove from power those who recklessly declare war by the stroke of a pen or by word of mouth and send others to die fighting or to be killed. Such people are warmongers, unfit to rule. For they are like children playing war games at the expense of the lives of others.

Remove from power those who live in relative peace and comfort, but quickly declare war and deprive others of the privilege of pursuing the same luxuries.

God, have mercy upon Your creation and deliver us from evil.

Help us, Lord.



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