Insight into the Black American Experience

10 Terrible Things Likely to Happen because One is Black in America
• Stopped by a police officer because of the color of your skin and where you happen to be walking, driving, or sitting
• killed by law enforcement even though you are unarmed and non-threatening
• Killed while walking in public holding a bag of candy and a canned non-alcoholic drink
• Killed in your backyard holding a cell phone in your hand
• Shot laying on the ground with your hands in the air while trying to protect a non-Black autistic child from getting hurt
• Having the police called on you because some people are suspicious of your non-threatening black self
• Stopped by a police officer at a traffic light because you look suspicious,  you’re Black
• Killed for unlawfully selling cigarettes
• Arrested for asking to use a restroom
• Having a school official ask you to say the dehumanization of your ancestors was not all bad: they were just raped, considered less than human, sold on the auction block; forced to procreate; packed in ships like sardines in a tin can, lynched, tarred and feathered; falsely arrested, convicted, and incarcerated unjustly for years; branded


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