Justice for All: The Senseless Slaying of NYPD Officer Brian Moore

NYPD Officer Brian Moore: More than a manin a blue suit
Brian Moore-he person- much more than than “a man in a blue suit”

I am overwhelmed with sadness by the senseless and brutal act that led to the tragic death of 25-year-old, NYPD Officer Brian Moore.   According to various news reports, on Saturday, May 2, 2015, Officer Moore and his partner confronted a suspect, Demetrius Blackwell, who fired multiple shots.  One or more of those shots struck Officer Moore in the face or head area and caused life-threatening injuries that led directly to Officer Moore’s death this past Monday, May 4, 2015.[i]

I don’t know any more about Officer Moore than what has been reported in the media. What I do know: Moore’s death is not tragic because he was a police officer gunned down while performing his duty.  It is tragic because Brian Moore’s life was senselessly and viciously snuffed out.

The only silver lining in this tragedy is the fact that the alleged shooter has been arrested and charged with murder, and he will stand trial for the horrific act of violence he is accused of committing.

May the Spirit of the only true wise and living God, the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, comfort all those who knew and love Officer Brian Moore.

[i] There are conflicting reports on the number of shots fired; and the number of times Officer Moore was shot.

3 thoughts on “Justice for All: The Senseless Slaying of NYPD Officer Brian Moore

  1. All the senseless killing around the United States for no reason.

    Police have been doing stuff like this for years.

    I don’t understand why people kill innocent cops, but let men like Zimmerman walk away.

    I would rather nobody get killed, but since some people feel that violence is the only answer, at least point the violence to the right places & stop harming innocent people.

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