A Christmas Eve Prayer

Dear God,

On this Christmas Eve we join your people everywhere thanking you for the blessing of Jesus’ birth. We thank you for the unlimited possibilities for hope, peace, joy, and love that Christ’s entry into the world provides.

We pray for all homeless and hungry people. Help those who have much to give generously to those who have little.
We pray for those living in and near war-torn countries. God, please stop warmongers and show them the error of their thinking. Prick their conscious so they will turn from war and adopt peaceful ways of settling conflict.
We pray for those adversely affected by natural disasters. We pray for those sick in body or mind. We pray for those who are lonely and brokenhearted.
We pray for neglected and abused children. Oh God, please move on their behalf.
We pray for the children shackled with the adult responsibility of raising siblings. Give them wisdom, and in your great mercy grant them the freedom to experience childhood. Send a responsible, caring adult to help them.
We pray for outcasts and underdogs. Comfort them and strengthen their resolve to keep going. Also, remind them that you care and that they have inherent value because you created them in your magnificent image.
We pray for deliverance for those struggling with addiction.

Help us live lives that glorify you by our work ethic and the way we interact with others.
In your mercy hear our prayers and bless us all.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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