A Birthday Prayer

Lord, because you care for me my needs are continually met. You have given me more than I shall ever need and ever thought of possessing.  In the middle of chaos, you give me peace; you alone refresh my soul- weary from the battles of life and the consequences of my sin.

When I make right decisions, it is only because your Holy Spirit gives me direction and leads me in the paths of right thinking. You alone deserve all gory and honor, without you I can do nothing worthwhile.

Your Holy Spirit comforts, encourages, and strengthens me.  When I run, you run with me. When I am too tired to run any further or there is no place for me to run you are the one who refreshes me.  Thank you, Lord!

In every situation you give me victory. This amazes me and leaves my opponents wondering how one person can withstand so much rejection and such fierce and frequent attacks. Little do they know that it is only through your grace and mercy. You, the Lord God Almighty, shows yourself mighty on my behalf.  Thank you, God!

Long ago you promised to open a door for me that no human can shut. You have kept your word, and I thank you.  Now, I pray that through grace and mercy, you will grant me the privilege of continuing to let men and women know that you love them and are able and willing to help them. As for me, please sanctify me and take away the awful shame of my sin so that my life brings glory and honor to your wonderful name.

Give me the courage to face every battle, and where possible let me be an instrument of your peace and an example of your love. Help me to forgive others, remembering that whatever trespasses have been committed against me in no way compares to the trespasses that I have committed against you. Thank you for your forgiveness and for multiple opportunities. Help me not to squander or take them for granted. Please give me a kind and loving heart; the wisdom to make right decisions-that glorify only you; and the courage and strength to stand with afflicted and marginalized people.

Thank you God for your goodness!!!!

In your mercy, remember your creation-we are weak but you are strong.   


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