Psalm 23: A Contemporary Interpretation

Lord, we acknowledge you as our shepherd and trust you to meet our needs. In fact, we testify that you give us more than we need.

When we grieve and are distressed you soothe and comfort us. When chaos swirls around us you keep us calm and give us peace. During every spiritual battle you uphold us. After each battle you restore our spiritual strength so we are able to withstand the next round of fiery darts thrown at us. You make it possible for us to overcome every challenge, including fear.

You alone lead us into righteous thinking and behaving. Apart from you we are nothing and incapable of doing any good thing.

Even in our darkest hours we will not fear, for you-Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of life- are with us. Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect and guide us.

You are so good to us that you heap an abundance of spiritual gifts upon us in the presence of our enemies.Your anointing awes them, as it does us for we know we are unworthy.

Because of your word, we are confident that your goodness and mercy shall be with us always and we rejoice in knowing we shall dwell in your presence forever.

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