The Passing of a Gentle Soul

With conflicting emotions I acknowledge and process the passing of Ruth Taylor, a 101-year-old member of my church- Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green (BPCOG). On the one hand I am happy for Ruth because according to Scripture, “…to be absent from the body is to be [forever] present with the Lord.” On the other hand, Ruth’s absences will be deeply felt by those who love and knew her, however slight that acquaintance.

Prior to her passing I hadn’t known Ruth very long, nor did I know her well. In fact we only met a few years ago when I joined BPCOG, and we only saw each other at church related activities. But, when we did run into each other Ruth was kind, polite, and engaging. It is a great testimony to her charitable and generous spirit that she positively impacted one whom she hardly knew and with whom she rarely came into contact.

I am sure Ruth is resting in peace. She is in the presence of the One we love and adore because He first loved us and gave His life to ransom us from the power and penalty of sin. May the Spirit of the only true, wise, and living God comfort and encourage the hearts of all those who love and knew Ruth Taylor.

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