Forgive and Forget?

August 9, 2014
Dear Friend,

Greetings and peace to you in the blessed name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I trust God this brief letter finds you and yours in the best of health. Hopefully you have had the pleasure this summer of spending time outside experiencing the beauty and joy of nature. (When you get time, write back and share some of your experiences with me.)

As usual there are a great many things on my mind. One of the most pressing thoughts I have been contemplating is developing a practical understanding of the phrase from 1 Corinthians 13:5, “…it [love] keeps no record of wrongs.” An unwanted divorce, infidelity, betrayal, or being undermined by trusted friends, family members, or colleagues are examples of painful things that are not easy to get over or to forget. Yet when the referenced phrase is read in context, it clearly connotes those who possess authentic love do not keep a record of such things.

What does it mean to not keep a record of wrongdoings? One thought is it means not to dwell upon the offenses others commit against us. Perhaps it also means that authentic love (agape love) acknowledges hurt but erases the pain and does not leave room in the heart for resentment and thoughts of revenge.

However, “…It[love] keeps no record of wrongs…” doesn’t mean victims must remain in  partnership with those who have caused them harm. In fact, there are times when remaining in close proximity to one’s opponents might prove detrimental to both the victim and perpetrator. Therefore, it is probably good to love some people from a distance.

Well Friend, there is much more I could write; but the hour is late. So I will end for now. God willing,I shall write more another time. Until then, may the Spirit of the only true, wise, and living God continue to rest rule and abide with us.
Sincerely yours,

Allegra, your sister and servant in Christ
p.s. Don’t forget to drop me a few lines telling me about your summer. I am also very interested in hearing your interpretation of the phrase from 1 Corinthians 13:5.

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