Help the Children

The use of social media to coalesce with likeminded people on behalf of the kidnapped Nigerian school girls represents an emotional response, by people from all walks of life, that calls upon world leaders to help the girls.  Our heartfelt grief for those girls and their loved ones prevents us from doing nothing. For many of us the internet is the only immediate resource available to: vent our concerns and to speak as a group demanding world leaders get involved in the efforts to rescue the girls.

We are tired of politicians following their own agendas but claiming to speak for us; the internet stops that practice. It provides average people like me the opportunity to speak swiftly; to join forces with likeminded people, and the freedom to openly express our opinions. Hopefully more often than not, we are using the internet for the common good and not for selfish ambition.  

It is criminal for the world not to cry out for justice on behalf of the kidnapped Nigerian children. In the immediate, our individual cries for governments to intervene in the Nigerian kidnapping crises may seem futile. But, perhaps overtime tyrants will come to realize that because of and through technology they are no longer free to terrorize without severe consequences. Similarly, world leaders will learn that their constituents can and will call upon their leaders to use economic and political influences to exercise justice on and in behalf of oppressed people.  

God, us all!

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